Head-on Collisions

The most devastating accidents involve head-on collisions. Head-on collisions usually involve two vehicles traveling in opposite directions striking each other with their respective front ends. There are many causes of this type of collision The most common cause is usually a sudden lane departure made by one of the vehicles involved. Another common scenario occurs when a vehicle attempts to enter onto a roadway from a subservient road or driveway and turns into the path of an oncoming vehicle. While head-on collisions account for roughly 2% of all motor vehicle collisions, head-on collisions account for nearly 10% motor vehicle accident fatalities.

Airbags, seatbelts and vehicle crumple zones have been effective in reducing injuries and death in head-on collisions. However, given the extreme forces involved, there is a limit to their effectiveness. A recent study aired on the science television show "Myth Busters" demonstrated that two vehicles traveling at 50 mph in opposite directions equates a force equal to each vehicle striking a near stationary object at 50 mph.

Investigating the cause of a head-on collision can be complex. If the injuries are severe or the accident involves a fatality often the investigating agency such as the North Carolina Highway Patrol or local law enforcement will often dispatch officers with special training in accident reconstruction. Measurements will be taken of any skid marks and debris fields or gouges in the pavement will be photographed. Depending on the type of the vehicles involved and the extent of the investigation, information can be obtained from “event data recorders” which may be onboard the vehicles. This information can then be utilized along with any eyewitness statements to determine the exact sequence of events which led to the collision.

As with any accident, gathering as much information as soon as possible after a collision is critical. The attorneys at Price, Hargett, Petho & Anderson, understand the importance of performing a thorough investigation of head-on collisions. We employ a full-time investigator to assist in gathering information necessary to aggressively represent those injured in these crashes. When appropriate, we retain the services of accident reconstruction experts to assist us. Utilizing our years of experience representing thousands of victims of head-on collisions, we provide aggressive representation on behalf of our clients.