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Slip and fall claims in North Carolina are a type of tort claim based on injuries sustained by someone from slipping or tripping and then falling. A property owner may be liable to someone injured in a slip and fall only if they are negligent. If you were injured as a result of a business’s unsafe premises, it’s important that you call the Charlotte personal injury attorneys at Price, Petho & Associates P.L.L.C. to learn more about your available legal options.

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Establishing Negligence

North Carolina law makes it important to prove negligence on the part of the business. If a business can prove that a victim was at fault for their injury in any way, they could be freed from having to pay damages.

Negligence of a property owner can be established by:

  • Demonstrating that the property owner created a dangerous condition which caused the slip and fall. This is known as “active negligence,” such as if an owner or employee of a restaurant mops the floor but then fails to place wet floor signs out.
  • Demonstrating that, while the dangerous condition was created by someone else, the owner knew or should have known of the dangerous condition and failed to correct it. This is known as “passive negligence,” such as if a customer spills a liquid on a floor and notifies the property owner or his agents, but no one takes reasonable steps to clean it up.

North Carolina Law on Business Negligence

As one of only a few states in the country to still follow the doctrine of contributory negligence, North Carolina law makes it possible for business owners to avoid paying for damages if they can demonstrate that the injured person was in some way at fault for their fall. Since many people blame the person injured in the fall, this can be difficult to overcome.

Gathering evidence such as witness statements, incident reports, photographs, and videotape is essential. Given the prevalence of security cameras, many of these types of injuries are caught on tape. Preserving that evidence requires notice to the property owner of the incident and request to maintain the footage. By hiring experienced attorneys early in your case, you will be able to build the strongest possible strategy to help secure compensation for damages.

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