Verdicts & Settlements

The firm of Price, Hargett, Petho and Anderson, with offices located across the state  in Charlotte, N.C., Rockingham N.C.,and Rutherfordton, N.C., has a consistent record of success in cases involving a variety of legal matters, including personal injury, automobile accidents, truck accidents, wrongful death claims, medical malpractice and workers compensation claims. These injuries include catastrophic injuries such as, spinal cord injuries and traumatic brain injuries.

$9,000,000  Motor Vehicle Collision (Traumatic Brain Injury): Recovered for a young woman who sustained a catastrophic brain injury as the result an automobile collision with a large commercial vehicle. The firm retained expert witnesses in the fields of physical medicine and rehabilitation, life care planning and economics. Our firm prepared an extensive video settlement brochure. Following a nine hour mediation with participation of our expert medical witnesses, the defendants agreed to pay $9 million which was put into a trust  for our clients lifetime medical care.

$5,200,000 Motor Vehicle Collision (Traumatic Brain Injury): Recovered on behalf of the young woman who sustained catastrophic injuries when she was involved in a motor vehicle accident with a tractor-trailer truck while on the job. A workers compensation claim was made as well as a liability claim against the at fault trucking company. The settlement funds allow plaintiff to live in a residential living facility for individuals with traumatic brain injuries.

$4,775,000 Medical Malpractice (Anesthesia Error): Recovered for a young woman who was admitted to a small rural hospital in North Carolina for routine childbirth. Errors were made during the placement and management of the epidural catheter which lead to cardiac and respiratory arrest. Defendant anesthesiologist and the nurse anesthetist failed to resuscitate our client who suffered a devastating brain injury due to lack of oxygen. Our firm retained experts in the fields of anesthesiology, physical medicine and rehabilitation, life care planning and economics. The defendants settled the case three weeks prior to trial.

$4,500,000 Negligent Highway Construction (Spinal Cord Injury): Recovered on behalf of a high school senior who was rendered a quadriplegic as a result of a rollover accident that occurred on I 40 in Iredell County, North Carolina. Our firm retained experts in the field of highway construction, accident reconstruction, life care planning and economics. The successful claim was made against the highway construction company based upon allegations that the construction work had created a lane shift with a significant drop off which caused our clients vehicle to roll over. Through extensive discovery, our firm learned of multiple other accidents that had occurred in the same location in previous months before the accident and that defendants were aware of the dangerous condition prior to the accident but took no steps to correct it. The case settled prior to trial.

$3,375,000 Motor Vehicle Collision ( Tire Defect): Recovered on behalf of a husband and wife who sustained serious injuries resulting from a rollover accident in New Mexico. Our clients purchased a used SUV the day before the accident. While driving, the right rear tire detreaded,  causing the vehicle to lose control and roll over. Claims were made against the vehicle manufacturer, the tire manufacturer and the auto dealership who sold the used vehicle. Over 25 depositions were taken in New Mexico, Arizona, Texas and Ohio. The case settled the week before trial.

$3,000,000 Motor Vehicle Accident (Quadriplegia): Recovered for married construction worker rendered a quadriplegic due to cargo falling from an 18 wheeler on Highway 74 in Anson County, North Carolina.Plaintiff was driving at night when his vehicle was passed by an 18 wheeler transporting poultry cages. One of the cages fell from the 18 Wheeler onto the roof of our clients car, crushing plaintiff's spine. Our firm retained multiple experts and determine that defendants trucking company and truck driver failed to properly and adequately secure its load and that the cargo restraint system used by the defendant company was outdated, rusted and in disrepair. Defendants paid $3 million prior to trial.

$2,700,000 Workers Compensation (Paraplegia): Recovered on behalf of our client who was rendered a paraplegic when he fell  from a roof fracturing his spine. Our client needed attendant care, housing modifications and handicapped accessible transportation. We represented the client for over 10 years until the settlement was ultimately reached.

$2,500,000 Workers Compensation (Spinal Cord Injury): Recovered on behalf a construction worker him from Texas who was paralyzed following a fall from a roof on a construction site in Mecklenburg County, North Carolina. Despite being unable to care for himself, the work comp carrier refused to compensate plaintiff's wife for the 24 hour a day care she had to provide. After a trial before the industrial commission, the case settled.

$2,300,000 Workers Compensation (Spinal Cord Injury, Attendant Care):Recovered on behalf of an employee of an exterminating company who sustained a severe spinal cord injury when he slipped and fell on ice. The employee had three previous attorneys who represented him before he retained our firm. One of the prior firms tentatively settled his case for $500,000, but our client refused to accept the settlement. After we were retained, we requested a trial to seek compensation for the attendant care that our client's wife had provided him as well as handicap accessible housing and transportation. The work comp carrier settled  the case on the eve of trial.

$2,250,000 Workers Compensation(Traumatic Brain Injury): Recovered on behalf of an HVAC worker who sustained orthopedic and brain injuries  as a result of falling through an unmarked skylight on the roof of the building. Our firm retained accident reconstructionists, roofing experts, a life care planner  and an economist to aggressively pursue our clients claim.  Case settled following trial.

$2,100,000 Workers Compensation (Neck Injury; Chronic Pain; Attendant Care): Recovered on behalf of the nurse injured at work as a result of an attack by a patient. Our client sustained a neck injury requiring surgery and developed chronic pain. Due to the chronic pain, client's husband was forced to quit work to care for her. Workers compensation carrier refuse to pay for care to be provided. The case was tried to successful verdict before the North Carolina Industrial Commission and settled while on appeal.

$2,000,000 Wrongful Death (Trucking Accident): Recovered on behalf of a young man from Charlotte North Carolina who was killed when he rear-ended a tractor-trailer truck in the state of New Mexico.  Investigation of the accident revealed that the tractor-trailer truck was parked in the travel lane of  I -40 without any lights on. The driver of the truck had little to no experience and had not been properly trained. Our firm filed a lawsuit in federal court in New Mexico. The case settled for the full policy limits of  following a seven hour mediation before a federal judge.

$1,900,000 Motor Vehicle Collision (Uninsured Motorist): Recovered on behalf of a father of four who sustained a brain injury as a result of the collision with an uninsured vehicle. Our firm retained vocational experts and an economist. The insurance company made a top offer of $600,000 on the day of arbitration which was rejected. After hearing an arbitration panel awarded the plaintiff $1,900,000. 

$1,750,000 Worker's Compensation (CRPS; Attendant Care): Recovered him on behalf of a married 45-year-old employee who suffered a shoulder injury and later developed chronic regional pain syndrome (CRPS). As a result, our client was unable to care for himself. Claims were made for attendant care for his wife as well as home and vehicle modifications. The case settled during trial.

$1,600,000 Workers Compensation (Construction Accident; Traumatic Brain Injury): Recovered on behalf of a construction worker from Virginia who suffering brain injury when material was dropped from an overhead crane at a construction site. A lawsuit was filed against the operator of the Crane, the general contractor and several subcontractors. After 40 depositions in preparation for trial, the case settled for $1,600,000.

$1,450,000 Motor Vehicle Accident /Workers Compensation: Recovered on behalf of of an employee injured on the job when his parked truck was rear-ended by a tractor-trailer truck on the interstate. As a result, our client sustained a traumatic brain injury. A workers compensation claim as well as the liability claim against the at fault truck were pursued.

$1,425,000 Worker's Compensation (Brain Injury, Attendant Care): Recovered on behalf of a HVAC technician from South Carolina who sustained a brain injury on a job site in North Carolina. Plaintiff's injury required him to be supervised on a daily basis. Our clients wife was forced to quit her job to look after her husband. The work comp insurance company refused to pay our clients wife for the care she provided. The case was tried before the North Carolina Industrial Commission and a favorable award was entered. The case settled  while on appeal.

$1,100,000 Workers Compensation ( Brain Injury, Attendant Care): Recovered on behalf of a client who sustained a traumatic brain injury in 1991. Following his injury he was unable to care for himself because of memory and other cognitive problems. Our clients wife provided all of his care. The client was represented by another attorney from 1991 to 2008 who had no experience in worker's compensation  claims. No compensation was paid to our clients wife from 1991 to 2008 . In 2008 our firm was retained and we immediately sought reimbursement for the care that our clients wife had provided over 17 years. The case was tried before the North Carolina Industrial Commission. Our firm won the case at trial. On appeal, the workers compensation insurance carrier settled the case.

$975,000 Medical Malpractice (Anesthesia Error): Recovered  for the the estate of a married father of young twins who died as a result of medical negligence while undergoing a simple finger surgery at a rural hospital in the foothills of North Carolina. The anesthesiologist improperly administered the anesthetic (ropivicaine) causing cardio-respiratory arrest. The anesthesiologists failed to  resuscitate our client, resulting in his death. Our firm retained several prominent anesthesiologist to testify regarding the malpractice. The case settled after a jury was selected.

$950,000 Motorcycle Accident (UIM Claim): Recovered on behalf of a married father who sustains serious orthopedic injuries when a driver pulled out of a parking lot into his path causing them to be thrown from his motorcycle. The at fault driver had limited insurance in the amount of $30,000. We identified four separate insurance policies that provided underinsured (UIM) coverage for the client and negotiated the payment of full policy limits on all of the liability and UIM policies.

$900,000 Will Caveat (Breach of Fiduciary Duty/Fraud): Recovered on behalf of a son whose father passed away. Prior to his father's death, the father's girlfriend checked him out of the Alzheimer's unit where he lived, took him the courthouse and married him. She then took him to a local attorney where she had client's father change his will, leaving all of his assets to his new wife. Case settled prior to trial.

$900,000 Motor Vehicle Collision (Orthopedic Injuries): Recovered on behalf of an individual who is struck by tractor-trailer truck resulting in two broken legs. Case settled prior to trial.

$750,000 Trucking Accident (Orthopedic Injuries): Recovered on behalf of an father of two who suffered a traumatic brain injury and multiple orthopedic injuries when his bicycle struck  by a tractor-trailer truck.

$500,000 Medical Malpractice (Failure to Diagnose Pulmonary Embolism): verdict was received in Rutherford County, North Carolina for wrongful death as a result of alleged medical malpractice. We understand this to be the highest personal injury verdict or medical malpractice verdict in this county to date.

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